Fast, Reliable and Affordable Line Painting for Vancouver Island

When you call Prestige Line Painting Ltd., you can be assured that your line painting project will be completed to the highest standards of quality. Our highly trained staff use meticulously maintained equipment to give you clean, crisp lines – every time. We can meet Ministry of Transport design standards for roadways and intersections and provide a variety of durable coatings.

Whether you require our services for new construction, repairing faded lines, or to correct improperly painted lines, you can always count on top-quality workmanship.

Alkyd Traffic paint

If you are a general contractor, property manager or owner of commercial properties, Prestige Line Painting Ltd. provides top-quality road marking and line striping at competitive pricing. Please note we also offer line removal.

Thermoplastic Durables

This is a special kind of plastic that becomes mouldable when heat is applied to it. This kind of application is longer-lasting than traditional line painting, with high reflectivity as it wears. You can get the peace of mind knowing that this product will stand the test of time. Economically, it will last longer than painting.

We provide two types of thermoplastics:

  • Hot applied thermoplastic
  • Preformed thermoplastic

Bike and Specialty Lanes

Designated bike and specialty lanes are becoming a popular safety addition to roadways, campuses and institutions. Using paint, thermoplastic or cold applied MMA coatings, Prestige Line Painting Ltd. can help add this important part to your traffic safety plan.

Prestige Line Painting Ltd. also offers industry-leading painting services for schoolyards, gyms and sport courts. Please call us today for more information or to request an estimate.

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